Despite the fact that the name of the breed literally sounds like an Australian Aussie shepherd, in fact, the breed originated in America. The name sounds that way, because the ancestors of the Aussi – the Scottish Border Collie – were brought from Australia. In the states, they were crossed with some other breeds, including naturally – through free crossbreeding between neighboring dogs.

The Aussie dog breed was introduced to America around the 1840s, and was widely used in the western states as a shepherd to help graze livestock in the vast expanses. American farmers and settlers greatly valued them for their amazing mind, great devotion and endurance. Thanks to these qualities, the Aussies could endure all the difficulties of life in semi-wild conditions, and provide the person with the necessary support.

During the Second World War, the population declined significantly, since Aussies were often used in the US Army for various purposes, usually in rescue and courier missions. However, then the breeders quickly quickly restored the normal population of these helpful and good-natured dogs.

Aussie dog has a long coat. The muzzle is elongated, the head is oval, ears of medium length, triangular, hanging down on the sides of the head, but sometimes you don’t notice this because of the coat. The chest is round, voluminous, limbs shorter than average, physique strong, muscular. The tail is long, fluffy.