Dog Japanese Akita Inu is a legendary pet of Japan, known to locals since ancient times. Do not confuse Japanese Akita and American – they are different dogs. Japanese Akita Inu originated in northern Japan in Akita Province – that is how dogs got their name. It is not known for certain exactly when these animals formed as a breed, however, the first written evidence dates back to the early 17th century. In those days, Akita Inu was used to protect the imperial family.

In addition, members of the imperial family loved hunting small and large game with these dogs – this is hard to believe, but they even went to the bear with them. This very clearly characterizes the personality of the animal, because Akita has a bold, and at the same time good-natured character. To understand the kindness of these dogs, a vivid example can be given – in the London zoo the baby Akita Inu was once used as a nanny-older brother for a tiger cub. And the dog did an excellent job of this task.

The first Akita Inu came to America in 1937, together with the distinguished deaf-mute woman of her time, Hellen Keller. This idea came to Hellen after visiting the statue of the dog Hachiko, located in Shibuya. Hearing about the extraordinary devotion of this animal, as well as the history of these dogs in general, Hellen decided to take one Akita with her. Her name was Kamikaze-go.

In the post-war period, American soldiers brought these dogs home from Japan, which formed a separate breed of American Akita. However, to this day there is a dispute among breeders regarding the difference between the Japanese and American Akita Inu breeds, as the Japanese do not want to recognize American dogs as a separate breed. Moreover, many adhere to this rule even today, despite the fact that the dispute has been going on for more than half a century.

Japanese Akita Inu are large dogs, with a powerful physique, large muscles and a round head. Ears are erect. The limbs are muscular, of medium length, the tail is saber, fluffy. The coat is long.